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    Bryla J Couture Clothiers was launched by our founder, Sharon W. Reynolds, with the idea to create a legacy for her granddaughter, Bryla Josephine (named after her maternal great grandmother), who suffered a condition that caused a premature birth. As a young girl, Sharon learned how to make her own clothing from her late Aunt Gloria; a mentor, mother, daughter, seamstress, and telecommunications retiree who told her she was “going to make a difference and change the world.” Soon, Sharon was not only making her own beautiful outfits but also for others as well. Decades later, Sharon became a successful entrepreneur, and still had a love of high fashion but not the high prices. In 2018, she decided to create her own couture clothing line to inspire empowered elegance for every woman and include a charitable giving component. Bryla J Couture Clothiers donates a portion of each sale to the March of Dimes and other 501(c)3 organizations to support premature infants and empower women to pursue their dreams to change the world.


    Our Mission

    To provide couture fashion for modern women around the world with distinctive taste who desire high quality style at irresistible prices. Our customers believe in the art of living boldly and we provide designs that reflect a woman’s individual style.

    Our Vision  

    Our vision is to inspire empowered elegance for every woman.

    Our Core Values

    Our company is guided by the following core values that define our business practices and demonstrate our commitment to delivering quality merchandise.

    • Legacy: Bryla J is rooted in family values and the desire to leave a teachable legacy for generations to come who will carry the torch of social responsibility. As we grow, we strive to create a lasting legacy for our families and communities.
    •  Quality: We offer high quality ready-to-wear contemporary clothing designed for fashion-forward women who demand the best quality, functionality, and attention to every detail.
    • Customer Experience: From our online store to receiving your first Bryla J shipment, we want each experience to be delightful and memorable. We are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations and delivering exceptional service throughout the purchasing process.  
    • Empowerment: Through our apparel line and partnerships with women’s organizations nationwide, we inspire confidence in all women to pursue their dreams to change the world.
    • Community: With each purchase of Bryla J merchandise, we donate a percentage to a charity that supports the health and well-being of infants and mothers.