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    Bryla J. Couture Clothiers is more than a fashionable clothing brand for women. It is also about giving back to our communities. We do this by collaborating with non-profit organization Givful as our charitable giving partner. The organization matches 501(c)3 charities with corporate and individual donors in an online giving platform. With each purchase of Bryla J. merchandise, a portion is donated to support healthy infants and mothers at March of Dimes and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

    Bryla J. is rooted in family values and the desire to leave a teachable legacy for generations to come who will carry the torch of social responsibility. As we grow, we strive to create a lasting legacy for our families and communities. 

    Since 1987, we at Stitch-It & Company have been providing our customers, our friends, with products of character. We believe that clothing is more than a necessity; it is an element that defines the character of each individual. We believe fit is the key to refining every garment. While quality is important, proper fit is essential.

    The name Stitch-It and Company represents more than a title. We chose Stitch-It because we stitch most anything that can be stitched. We chose company because it takes more than one individual to be successful – it takes a company of individuals. We are blessed to have ten tailors and five suiting specialist that are the best in the southeast.